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ASP.NET DropDownList Items

This tutorial is about the DropDownList control in ASP.Net. DropDownList used for many purpose. You have different Items in the DropDownList and selects the one item when you require. Like in the registration form on many sites use the DropDownList for the gender, country, language etc selection.

Now in this Post you can learn how the Items can add into the DropDownList control. I create the DropDownList for country.


ASP.NET How to Databound with DropDownList

Hi Guys!
In today tutorial we will learn that how to bind the DropDownList to Sql DataServer. This is very simple and we take a very easy steps and will bind the DropDownList.
Here is the simple steps:

Step 1:

Add the DropDownList and SqlDataSource on the page. Select the SqlDataSource and click on the small button and then click on the Configure Data Source...

Configuration Data Source
SqlDataSource Configuration

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