Thursday, 21 April 2016

Search option in gridview in php

Search option in a grid view in php
Search Option
This tutorial is about search option in a grid. There are many searching techniques. Here I explain how to add search option in a grid when a grid has also server side pagination. It’s a simple and very easy way that I use.
When you using server side pagination first you must check it out that on which page your record is exist. Like in my example I want to search ID number “17”. And on per page I am displaying total 10 numbers of rows/records so it means ID number “17” exist on page 2.

Copy and paste this example code which is more understandable.

Step 1:

Create database like "tutorials" and then create table "BOOKS_TBL" with more then 10 record. below is the script of table and data.

 -- Table structure for table `books_tbl`  
  `BOOK_NAME` varchar(100) NOT NULL,  
 -- Dumping data for table `books_tbl`  
 (10, 'Biology'),  
 (11, 'Book 1'),  
 (20, 'Book 10'),  
 (21, 'Book 11'),  
 (22, 'Book 12'),  
 (23, 'Book 13'),  
 (24, 'Book 14'),  
 (25, 'Book 15'),  
 (26, 'Book 16'),  
 (27, 'Book 17'),  
 (28, 'Book 18'),  
 (29, 'Book 19'),  
 (12, 'Book 2'),  
 (30, 'Book 20'),  
 (31, 'Book 21'),  
 (32, 'Book 22'),  
 (13, 'Book 3'),  
 (14, 'Book 4'),  
 (15, 'Book 5'),  
 (16, 'Book 6'),  
 (17, 'Book 7'),  
 (18, 'Book 8'),  
 (19, 'Book 9'),  
 (9, 'Chemistry'),  
 (1, 'English A'),  
 (2, 'English B'),  
 (7, 'General Science'),  
 (5, 'Mathematics'),  
 (8, 'Physics'),  
 (6, 'Social Studies'),  
 (3, 'Urdu A'),  
 (4, 'Urdu B');  

Step 2:

create a file with the name of "pagination.php". and insert the following Code in this file.

 $con = mysql_connect('localhost','root','');  
 if (isset($_GET["search"])) // this if is related to search option  
      $searchid = $_POST["search"]; // assig the search id which you want to search to $searchid variable.  
      $pageid = ceil($searchid / $num_rec_per_page); // this statement is checking that on which page this search record is exist.   
      header("location: pagination.php?sid=".$searchid."&page=".$pageid); // after check the page redirect the URL on that page like in my case URL will: http://localhost/tutorials/pagination.php?sid=17&page=2  
 } // end if of $_GET["search"]  
      if (isset($_GET["page"]))   
           $page = $_GET["page"];   
 $start_from = ($page - 1) * $num_rec_per_page;  
 $sql = "SELECT * FROM BOOKS_TBL order by BOOK_ID LIMIT $start_from, $num_rec_per_page";   
 //echo $sql; exit;  
 $rs_result = mysql_query ($sql); //run the query  
 <head><title>Search option in a grid Tutorial |</title></head>  
 <form id="form1" method="POST" action="pagination.php?search">  
 <input type="text" name="search" /><input type="submit" id="btnsearch" name="btnsearch" value="Go" />  
 while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($rs_result)) {   
                     if ($_REQUEST["sid"] == $row['BOOK_ID']) // if your search result match row will be highlighted with yellow colour.  
                          echo "<tr style='background-color:yellow'>";  
                          echo "<tr>";  
       <td><?php echo $row['BOOK_ID']; ?></td>  
       <td><?php echo $row['BOOK_NAME']; ?></td>        
 $sql = "SELECT * FROM BOOKS_TBL";   
 $rs_result = mysql_query($sql); //run the query  
 $total_records = mysql_num_rows($rs_result); //count number of records  
 $total_pages = ceil($total_records / $num_rec_per_page);   
 echo "<a href='pagination.php?page=1'>".'|<'."</a> "; // Goto 1st page   
 for ($i=1; $i<=$total_pages; $i++) {   
       echo "<a href='pagination.php?page=".$i."'>".$i."</a> ";   
 echo "<a href='pagination.php?page=$total_pages'>".'>|'."</a> "; // Goto last page  


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