Thursday, 15 March 2012

Bind DropDownList Controll to SqlDataSource

Hi Guys!
In today tutorial we will learn that how to bind the DropDownList to Sql DataServer. This is very simple and we take a very easy steps and will bind the DropDownList.
Here is the simple steps:

Step 1:

Add the DropDownList and SqlDataSource on the page. Select the SqlDataSource and click on the small button and then click on the Configure Data Source...

Configuration Data Source
SqlDataSource Configuration

Step 2:

Configuration Data Source window will b open. Now choose the data connection from the DropDownList and click on next.

Choose Data Connection
Choose Your Data Connection

Step 3:

Now save the connection string just simply click on the next button.

Connection string
Save Connection string

Step 4:

In this Step you configure the select statement. first select the "Specify Columns from a table or View" option from the radio button. then select the table from the DropDownList. Now select the fields of the table and click next.

Configure Select Statement
Configure Select Statement

Step 5:

Now select the DropDownList From the Page. and click on the "Choose Data Source"

Choose Data Source
Choose Data Source

Step 6:

Choose Data Source window will appear. Now select the data source from the first dropdownlist, then select a data field to display in the dropdownlist from the 2nd dropdownlist and from the last dropdownlist select a data field fro the value of the dropdownlist and press ok button.

Select the Fields
Select the fields

Step 7:

Now Databound with the DropDownList. Run the project and see the output.

Data Bound

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